Ergocraft Contract Solutions is a major international manufacturing company established in 2000.  We are located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our 50,000 sq. ft warehouse stocks Ergocraft products and all chair parts. Additionally, our warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia enables our product and service to reach to our customers quickly all across the U.S.

Ergocraft Contract Solutions has three main product lines, which are office furniture, casegoods, and metal casegoods.  We have the ability to produce a variety of office furniture specializing in particle board, wood and metal related products. Our ability to produce a variety of products comes from our implementation of technology and also through our strategic alliance with other divisions of the company, as well as other manufacturing companies and facilities.

Ergocraft Contract Solutions has a strong international sourcing power in China (Dong Guan), Taiwan, and the United States; with the customer service based in the U.S. Most Erogcraft products are American made in Southern California. With our quality, we offer limited lifetime warranty on most of our products. Before our products leave our warehouse, they are carefully examined for workmanship. Once our products pass our quality check, they are then packaged with highly quality packaging materials for shipping.

Ergocraft Contract Solutions offers competitive discount programs and the versatility to ship across the United States from our production facility and warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California or our warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. We also ship containers from China or Taiwan, which giving our customers  the best value in the market.

Ergocraft Contract Solutions also has a dedicated department to help in product development, which is capable of taking ideas to its completion. We are able to produce samples and test them in our facilities, but perhaps one of our greatest strengths is our presence in North America. We have a full servicing division in the United States that provides customer service and is able to help with our customers needs locally. Our Southern California division is also able to provide repairs and replacements . It is not only our goal to provide quality products at a great price, but also to provide great service to our customers.

Our continuing success and growth come with the Ergocraft Contract Solutions’s philosophy of providing our customers with well priced quality products and services.